In 1986 The Whitfield Group Ltd. was founded to meet the marketing, promotions and event needs of local and international businesses in Bermuda.

Founder Suzie Pewter felt there was tremendous potential to attract corporate investment and promotion to Bermuda. By establishing partnerships with international businesses and working together to promote Bermuda as an international marketplace, Whitfield did just that. In addition, Suzie’s design/build background enabled the Whitfield team to construct and develop countless solutions from event-based projects to structural developments and promotions for any event. Over the years, Whitfield’s expertise grew to include creating conceptual projects for marketing, brand activation, client-driven event experiences, new building design and property management services.

The Whitfield executive team grew to include COO Gemma Godfrey, an expert in the  direction of complex projects, logistics, processes and infrastructure. Her technical  background in Aerospace Systems Engineering enriched the Whitfield team in their ability to take on any project, regardless of complexity.

Whitfield became synonymous with high-end, high-profile projects, both locally and abroad in Italy, Denmark, Canada, Dubai, Monaco, and Bermuda.

The team developed their reputation for building exclusive designs and event concepts. Their out-of-the-box thinking and flawless execution shaped Whitfield into the leading marketing and event management company on the island.

Suzie Pewter