“There is nothing we can’t do. Our exceptional in-house team and global network of partners enables us to achieve any project, no matter the requirements.”

— Suzie Pewter, Whitfield President

Set in Bermuda, our projects earn global influence, from our sandy shores to the prominent cities of the world.
Our work is benchmarked on excellence. Our team is skilled in design, construction, project and event management, marketing strategy, promotions, advertising, branding, sourcing, logistics, resulting in the perfect execution.
We specialize in Event Management, Marketing, Design and Building services and we often find ourselves drawing on more than one service to create the perfect solution.
We excel at ‘concept to execution’ and you will never hear us say the word “impossible”. We build concepts from the ground up by creating everything we need to shape your idea into a reality.
Your vision leads the project. Every solution we present is perfectly suited for your company event, brand and product.
We never duplicate a project or a concept. All our projects are one-off.
Sourcing is one of our talents. Entertainment, speakers, props, décor, furniture; whatever your project needs, we will find it and bring it in for you.
No project or event is too complex. We make it happen, on time and on budget.
On every project, we make sure that every last detail is perfect.