Ever met a team who would stop at nothing to find you the most exclusive venue, talent, staging, furniture and decor detailing and then check every last detail to make sure everything was perfect?

Ever worked with a partner who would build anything from the ground up in order to bring your vision to life? We do all of that and more for our clients every day.

With 30 years of experience, we have grown to specialize in international business forums and conferences, corporate and international sporting events, charity auctions and fundraisers, live music and entertainment, private parties, unique first-of-kind events, business and product launches, corporate merger celebrations, anniversaries and more.

Event Services

Creative Solution Development
Client & Project Management
Project Logistics
Production & Event Installations
Registration Systems & Ticketing
Target-Audience & Speaker Sourcing
Graphic Design and Art Direction for Themed Event Materials
Web Design, 3D Layouts and Presentations
Conference & Event Promotion
Branding & Merchandising

Featured Projects

“I’ve been to so many events in New York and none of them have ever come close to this.”

—PIER 6, ILS, Delegate from New York