Corporate Client 10th Anniversary Celebration

Whitfield was asked to create an unforgettable event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Validus, a global reinsurance company. The event lasted 2 days at the global headquarters in Bermuda with 450 guests in attendance. 

When developing the concept for the event, Whitfield was asked to highlight its international client base and global reach. To add mystery and a sense of wonder, Whitfield created an intergalactic theme.

To build awareness and anticipation around the anniversary of Validus and the upcoming event, the team at Whitfield designed, sourced and re-created a 25-foot inflatable DC comics action super-villain as the company mascot and placed it on Front St. at the entrance to the event venue. It should be noted that on the week of its inauguration, the 25-foot mascot was so out of the ordinary that it stopped traffic!

Inside the venue, Whitfield’s décor included a constellation of eight giant planets hanging from the ceiling and a uniquely designed molecular gastronomy menu including ingredients like liquid nitrogen to engage guests to discover the scientific marvels of food.

Organisation of 2-day corporate anniversary event
Coordination of 450 guests from invitation through to RSVP and guest list
Unique theme and venue design
Design, sourcing and development of 25ft inflatable company mascot
Event tailored molecular gastronomy menu

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