Hosting the Bermuda Corporate Games

The Corporate Games is a mass-participation multi-sport festival that has been staged in various countries around the world over the past 30 years. Whitfield became the official Licensee for the Games in the Atlantic region, bringing the Games to Bermuda for the first time in Games history.

The event attracted local, regional and world participation from thousands of athletes and spectators, taking part in over 120 events across 18 sports. As host to this major event, Whitfield organized the Games down to the last detail, coordinating all sports, business networking, social activities along with website, event app, video production, printed materials and post-event economic impact report for local stakeholders.


4-day multi-sports festival for businesses
18 sports and over 120 sporting events on the program
Participation exceeded 4000+ athletes
Bermuda hosted inaugural event in Atlantic region
2 Global Games records broken in 30 years Games history
Development of event website, event app, all video production and printed materials
Coordination of post-event surveys and production post-event economic impact report for local stakeholders

“I am very pleased indeed to be able to announce that The Whitfield Group Ltd., a Bermuda based company with considerable experience in major event management world wide, has been granted a long term license to develop and stage the Atlantic Corporate Games in cities and states bordering the Atlantic Ocean.”

—Dr. Maureen Johnston, President & Founder of Sport For Life & the Corporate Games

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