Rugby Classic Rain Venue

The Whitfield Group were faced with a difficult dilemma during a conference in Bermuda where severe rain and wind created an inclement environment for a sponsored client reception for 350 people at the Rugby Classic in Bermuda.

With cancellation of the event not an option due to the ROI expectation from the event sponsors, the Whitfield team made some quick arrangements with the hotel hosting the conference and re-purposed one of its sponsor exhibition areas in order to host the reception.  The change in venue notification was communicated via emails and app notifications, as well as on the big screens at the conference. 

The venue was rebranded in under an hour and arrangements were made so that food and beverage could be enjoyed as originally intended via the event design with the sponsors.  The sponsors were impressed and happy with the event, despite the change of venue at short notice.  

“You guys did an amazing job executing 'Plan B' on rugby night and still delivered the networking experience I’d been hoping for as a sponsor. And you did it quickly and with minimal was seamless. You make it look easy.”

—Tom Johansmeyer, Verisk Insurance Solutions

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