Bermuda in Monte Carlo Reception

The ‘Bermuda in Monte Carlo Reception’, is a reoccurring annual event that takes place at the “Rendez-Vous de Septembre’ in Monaco. The event’s purpose is to promote Bermuda’s reinsurance market to people from the world’s re-insurance industry. Whitfield took part in its conception and developed the concept. Since then the Whitfield team has managed every event, having just completed the 36th reception this year.

The event garnered a lot of interest and attracts 250 international attendees including reinsurers, insurers and brokers, lawyers, bankers, accounting and rating firms, and specialised journalists. 

For many years, the event was hosted in the gardens of the Casino Square surrounded by the Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris. Over the last two years, the event was moved to the Observatory Deck of the world’s most prestigious yacht club: Yacht Club de Monaco.

Whitfield manages sourcing attendees, creating and distributing invitations and other promotional materials, developing email campaigns, venue design and food & beverage management.

Event concept development
Annual organisation of the event in Monaco
Attendee sourcing and admin work
Development of promotional materials, invitations and email campaigns
Venue design and Food and Beverage management

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