WIF Bermuda Events

Whitfield’s founder Suzie Pewter and Insurance market pioneer Robin Spencer-Arscott created the World Insurance Forum.  The concept was to create an insurance market conference produced by the industry on a not-for-profit basis with all revenue donated towards educating Bermudians within the insurance industry. The first World Insurance Forum was held in 1993 and was been held on a biannual basis until it was superseded by the now annual ILS Bermuda Convergence event in 2013.

 The event runs for 4-days and includes CEO and CFO panels, keynote speakers and 'Leader’s Forum'. During this time, 500 to 600 senior executive delegates address industry issues, areas that need improvement, and discuss thought leadership and how to make the industry better.

Whitfield manages the whole event from theme development, sourcing delegates, speakers, venue, entertainment and required catering to the designed and development of all promotional materials and gifts for speakers and delegates. The Whitfield team also organises all venue set up and designs from discussion panel events to the reception dinners and parties for attendees. 


Concept development
Delegate management of over 500 people
Speaker sourcing, selection and management
Event scheduling for all 500-600 attendees, speakers and sponsors
Design and development of promotional materials and corporate gifts for attendees and keynotes
Organisation of after hour parties and reception dinners
Venue sourcing, design and development

Other Events