WIF comes to Dubai

Whitfield recognized an opportunity to launch an insurance forum to help promote the Bermuda's international insurance sector. The growing interest of re/insurance industries in the Middle East made Dubai the perfect place to host the first ‘East meets West’ global forum in the industry.

Whitfield led the charge in the development of WIF Dubai, bringing in 52 outstanding global speakers from 31 countries and 500+ delegates to inform and educate the Middle East region on global reinsurance practices. Whitfield developed every aspect of WIF Dubai including the organization and sourcing of delegates and speakers, the design/build of the themed venue, social events and promotions. For the design of the forum, Whitfield imported, from the Emmy Awards in California, two 4 story-tall domes as the conference and trade show venue and projected a rotating world upon its surface.

52 speakers from global companies in the re/insurance industry
Attendee representation across 31 countries for the inaugural Dubai event
Over 500 attending delegates throughout the three-day event
Global procurement of infrastructure solutions, including production and installation

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